Fong Perng International Corp.--Snaps, hooks, rings, shackles, saddles, girths, pads, computer cases

Since its establishment in 1986 in Taipei City, northern Taiwan, Fong Perng International Corp. has been dedicated to production of harness and rope accessories and related metal hardware.

The company has recently launched its newest padded dog collars, with the pads all made of neoprene, featuring excellent chromatic attraction, comfort and durability. The collars, mainly made of nylon, are available in four different standard sizes and various colors, as well as in customized specifications and exterior design.

The company¡¦s product category covers snaps, hooks, buckles, rings, clips, steel chains, pet harness, lead ropes, tie-out cables, horse rugs and saddles. Skillfully applying its consummate production capability, the company has added computer cases and hard disc drive parts to its portfolio. Offering on-time delivery, competitive prices and timely services, the company also handles OEM orders.